Greek Residency Program

The minimum investment amount in order to have Greek residency permit is 250,000 Euros. It is the lowest cost programme in Europe and offers permanent residency from day one. No need to re-visit Greece to maintain the right.

The Greek residency programme in Bullets :

  • Minimum investment amount 250,000 Euros per family, the cheapest programme in Europe.

  • The Investors have the legal right to apply for both permanent residence (immediately) and citizenship (after 7 years of residency).

  • The investor may offer residency to all family members : spouse, children (up to 21 years of age), parents and spouse’s parents.

  • The investor may establish his/her own business in Greece.

  • There is no need for the investor or the family members to stay in Greece to maintain the residency right.

  • The residency permit holders can travel freely to all Schengen countries. They can also travel directly from their country of origin without the need to come to Greece first.


Benefits of the Greek residency, compared to other similar European programmes.

  • The most affordable programme in Europe.
  • Offers Visa-Free Schengen access.
  • Offers permanent residency from day one, no need to revisit.
  • Supports 3 generations, children up to 21.
  • Fast track procedure. 60 days end-to-end.
  • Leads to citizenship after 7 years.
  • Great Investment opportunity (Property prices dropped more than 50% since 2010)

The process

The initial step for the customer is to visit Greece. During his stay, we explain the programme in more details and answer all his questions. We conduct property visits and point out customer obligations as a property owner in Greece. 4 days stay are sufficient at this stage. Should the customer be in position to decide, we can then act on his behalf for the remaining formalities. No need for the customer to be in Greece. All payments can be performed from customer’s Greek bank account or with direct wire transfer from abroad.

The COST BREAKDOWN of the investment

There are three basic categories for the cost and expenses apart from the property price:

  • The tax related to the property transfer is 3,09%.
  • The expenses related to the property transfer. Total cost for these expenses is 5% to 7% of the net property price. The exact cost depends on the property type, floor, age, location etc.
  • The expenses related to the residency permit application. Legal fee for each family member 650 Euros plus voucher 2,016€ for the prime investor and voucher of 166€ for each additional family member.

Our Company

Our company specializes in the field of “investment immigration”. We promote properties and all the associated services for the Greek residency program. We offer a package solution to our customers.

We offer more than 800 properties everywhere in Greece. Most of our properties are new developments and fit the profile of customers seeking the Greek residency opportunity.

We offer A to Z service to the candidates. We organize the visiting trip, we take care of the property purchase and we apply for the residency permit. We also offer after sales, rental and property management services.



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