APDG - A Solution for Purchasing Physical Gold

In these times of increasing geo-political uncertainty and volatility within the traditional asset classes, many of the world’s top economic analysts are predicting a forthcoming market correction. As a result, Central Banks across the globe are on an unprecedented gold buying spree demonstrated by the fact that they have nearly doubled their holdings within the last 12 months. It is a similar story for many private investors who now see the value in rebalancing their portfolios.
The case for purchasing and holding over the coming years is obvious but it’s a complex market with a myriad of opportunities. How to buy at the best price? Who to buy from? Where to store it? How to sell it?
The APDG offered by PPM now provides a simple solution to all of these questions.

PPM’s Advance Purchase of Discounted Gold (APDG)

APDG is simple and provides for the advance purchase of 99.99% 24KT gold bullion at LBMA spot price subject to a minimum purchase of $25,000 USD, £25,000 GBP or €25,000 Euro.

The gold is delivered to your personal account with Brinks in equal amounts over a 24-month period. You will also have an effective monthly discount by receiving an additional amount of physical gold at no additional cost. This will equate to 1 ounce of gold for every USD 100,000 (or fraction) purchased, delivered to your Brinks account over the same time period. *
In the Brochure you will see an example of a USD 100,000 purchase where the effective discount is calculated at 26% of the LBMA market
PPM will provide you with monthly statements to confirm receipt of your gold purchases by Brinks. And once delivered, you are free to sell your gold at any point.
Notes: - *Storage charges for your purchase are included for the term of the purchase agreement gold at
- **Effective discount will vary according to the LBMA spot rate for the time of purchase

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